Should I believe …

Since the rise of science and engineering our daily life has become dependant on experts in science and engineering.

Where, for instance would we be without the humble automobile? We own a Prius and not many cars are more packed with technology than the modern Hybrid. Batteries, motors, both internal combustion and electric, regeneration, digital control systems. Without faith in the scientists who put this together I would be terrified to take it onto the road. Even with the issues and recalls the actual failure rate is minuscule.

Look at something as mundane as a bridge. Without the mathematics and materials science they would never stay up. We do not consider that we are taking a risk when we drive over a bridge.

Consider the humble mobile phone. I have had maybe six or seven for over ten years and not once has one failed me except maybe for the odd battery. This is a pretty good record.

The examples are endless. TV, DVD, Radio, Microwave, air conditioner, many many domestic examples of science in action.

Then there are the specialists. Take forensic science. Many court cases are decided on the findings of scientists. Then space flight. If the scientists were wrong then there would have been unmitigated disasters in space. As it was there were a few tragedies but only when systems failed and then analysis demonstrated the cause, by scientists. Geologists are finding new sources of energy and minerals daily.

So with scientist’s record of discovery and inventiveness, of getting us out of and into trouble, of their reliability and expertise why is it that when we come to this extremely importing and world changing discovery we distrust them? Why would we believe a lobby group with a vested interested over dispassionate scientists with a track record of getting things right over and over again?

Either drive over that bridge with confidence and accept global warming or prepare to reject almost everything that your consumerist lifestyle is built on. You cannot have it both ways.