The Law is an Ass

Actually the law is only as good as the legislators. I often think that many laws are only there to make people feel good, not to address the real issue, if there is one. People complain about hot spots.  Answer; decrease the speed limit. There is too much drug crime. Answer; increase the penalties. Someone blows up two buildings in NY. Answer; stop people bringing drink bottles onto planes.

A chap in WA had his car impounded Wednesday because his mechanic was an idiot. Read this insanity here. This defies all logic. Now this innocent party has to do without his car for 28 days through no fault of his own.

Lets think about this for a second. What is the possible purpose for this stupid law. Does it provide any punishment for the culprit? No. Does it provide any disincentive for future offenders? Definitely not. Does it encourage rehabilitation for the offender? No. Will this make it more likely that the next pratt will speed in someone elses car? Probably. The only thing that this law does is make the law makers look patheticaly stupid. The responses of the Minister and the Police only serves to make them look even more stupid.

Save us from asses.